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In many ways, small and medium-sized businesses have the same IT needs and risks as large organizations but can rarely afford adequate IT solutions. We’ve developed an easy way to deploy best-in-class IT without having to have IT staff in-house. IT-in-a-Box is a hardware and software bundle that anyone on your team can deploy and will make running your organization’s IT as simple as possible.

We’ve taken many previously unreachable technologies and approaches that we’ve deployed at Fortune 500 companies and made them smart-sized for small to medium businesses so you can operate efficiently and securely, without unnecessary overhead.

Features and functionality:

  • Remote Workforce Management and Support
  • Patch and Security Management
  • New Equipment Rollout
  • Asset Management
  • Robust Network Security
  • VPN, Antivirus, and Intrusion Detection
  • Wireless Configuration and Management
  • Cloud and Web Software Security Best Practices
  • Backups and Recovery from the Unexpected
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