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In this session, Brian will share: 

  • Top business challenges related to cloud and on-premises solutions
  • How to determine if the cloud or on-premises solutions (or a combination of both) are best for your company’s needs.


About your host: 

Brian Gagnon, Uprise CTO, has been a technologist for more than 25 years. He was at VMware through their IPO, led tech startups, and served as the Global Head of Engineering at Western Digital through the SanDisk acquisition, before founding Uprise.  


Did you know?

94% of enterprises use the cloud. Many companies are now asking, “Should I put all of my technology in the cloud, or are there other options that make sense?”

  • From startups to established companies, many organizations migrate to the cloud to cut costs and improve efficiency. 
  • On-premises infrastructure solutions continue to be a cost-effective and viable choice for certain businesses and use cases.