Compassionate Commerce:

From discovery to commitment, helping a customer through the buyer journey can be challenging and takes time.  To make this process more effective, Uprise developed the Compassionate Commerce course to help you connect with your customers, build relationships, and create action. This course offers:

  • The Definitive Compassionate Commerce Guide

  • A Downloadable Compassionate Commerce Workbook

  • A Recorded Compassionate Commerce Presentation

At Uprise, we use the Compassionate Commerce framework to help clients better articulate their products and services to best serve their customers’ needs. This course will help you understand your customers’  emotional needs and aspirations as they travel through the buyer’s journey.

Using real world examples and an easy-to-follow guide, downloadable course materials will help you learn how to:

  • Identify and map customer emotions to customer journey stages

  • Create emotionally-informed content that resonates with customers through all stages of their journey

  • Reframe the way you articulate and sell your products and services to prospective clients

Compassionate Commerce 101 empowers brands and businesses to connect with their customers in an authentic, meaningful way. Because after all, customers are people too.

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